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School-to-Work Transition Program

Learn to Earn Program 
Experience Makes a Difference

We match our students’ abilities and interests to support business needs. In addition, a good job match offers students the opportunity to develop good work habits in a positive environment.

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TPP Student Services
The Transition Partnership Program

A collaboration between Newport-Mesa Unified School District and California Department of Rehabilitation

The NMUSD TPP Student Services Program provides activities that support students, ages 16 through 21 with an IEP/504 plan, transition to the world of work. Services are based on interests and may include:

  •  Helping students explore career options and find jobs that match their skills and interests through career exploration
  •  Preparing students for employment with workplace readiness by developing good work habits and appropriate social practices
  •  Building confidence and leadership abilities in the workplace through self-advocacy instruction
  •  Offering work-based learning experiences, through paid and unpaid opportunities in local professional settings

Please refer to our website for additional resources about Secondary Transition Planning and other programs provided by Newport-Mesa USD Transition Services

For more information contact:
Sondra Dufresne
Lead Job Transition Specialist