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Student Wellness and Supports

NHHS Multi Tiered Systems of Support

Tier 1 Supports-Universal

Academic: Guidance Counselors, Library, Schoology, Tutoring, Communications, Guaranteed and viable curriculum based on state standards and framework

Behavioral: Behavioral Expectations and Core Values Instruction, LinkCrew Mentoring, ASB, and School Culture

Social-Emotional: Suicide Prevention Training, Assemblies and guest speakers, mental health and wellness resources, Wellness Referrals

Tier 2 Supports-Specialized

Academic: Tutor Corps Support Classes, Designated ELD supports, Specialized academic instruction, SST and 504 Process

Behavioral: Office Discipline Referrals, Guidance Counselors, SST Process, Restorative Opportunities, Peer Court

Social-Emotional: Counseling groups, Wellness Meetings, Inclusion Council, Care Solace Referrals

Tier 3 Supports-Intensive

Academic: Targeted reading classes, academic support interventions, credit recovery, alternate placements, Assessment Process

Behavioral: Discipline contracts, Restorative circles, Behavioral Intervention Specialist, Guidance, SARB process, Assessment Process

Social-Emotional: Social Work referrals, Hoag, Counseling Check-ins, Project Hope Alliance, Crisis Response, Assessment Process