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NHHS Health Office

Welcome to the Health Office

The Health Office is located in Robins Loats and is staffed Monday through Friday during school hours. A wide range of services are provides by the nurse including assessment, referral, counseling, consultation, and/or assistance in the management of diseases, diseases, illness, injury, or health concerns of students. The nurse provides hearing, vision, color vision, and scoliosis screening along with proper referral of students to health resources. Student immunizations are monitored to meet school compliance, medications (including prescription and non-prescription medications) are dispensed as authorized by a physician, and health education programs are conducted.

Students wishing to visit the health office during class time must have a written pass from their teacher. If it is necessary for a student to take medication during school hours, contact the health office for the proper procedure. It is illegal for a student to carry medication on his/her person when on campus. All medications must be approved by the health office.

Emergency Devices

In the event of an emergency, sometimes a wheelchair or an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is necessary.  Our campus is equipped with several, and if, at any point, you find it necessary to use one of these items, please notify the front office immediately. Use of a wheelchair or an AED is usually part of a much larger emergency, and we have additional resources that can be of help; moreover, we need to make sure the item is returned or replaced properly so that it can be available for subsequent emergencies.