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Chromebook Instructions

Newport Harbor High School 2023-2024 Chromebook Guidelines

  • Each NHHS Freshman will receive a new Chromebook computer.
    • The Chromebook is intended for use during your four years at NHHS.
    • At the end of your senior year or if you leave the district before graduation, the Chromebook must be returned.
  • You are required to bring your Chromebook to school every day, FULLY CHARGED!
  • During the school day, Chromebooks are to be used for schoolwork only.
  • All activity on the Chromebook, whether conducted at school or off site, is subject to search as District property. All activity on the Chromebook is tracked by the network service and may be accessed at any time by administration.
  • You will be given one charger. If you lose your charger, you are responsible for replacing it.
    • The replacement charger is a 65 watt, USB-C. You can purchase them on Amazon for $10 - $20 - the district charges $50.
    • Do not use the Chromebook charger on your phone or any other device. Even if it has the same connection, it might damage your phone or device.


Chromebook Care

  • Do not put personal data on the Chromebook (i.e. bank account or credit card information.)
  • Do not leave it lying around or let anyone borrow your Chromebook
  • Do not eat or drink near your Chromebook
  • Carry your Chromebook closed - Do not carry it by the screen
  • Do not leave the Chromebook in your car or an unsupervised area - it WILL be stolen
  • Do not place heavy items on the Chromebook
  • Clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth or antistatic cloth, clean the keyboard with electronic wipes (not disinfecting wipes)


If you remove the keys or purposely damage the Chromebook in any way, you will be responsible for its repair or replacement.

  • If your Chromebook is lost or damaged beyond repair, the replacement price is $275
  • There is a $50 fee for each of the following: Broken screen, Keyboard, Web Camera, Charger.
  • If your Chromebook is not working, has been damaged, or if you are leaving the school and returning it, you will bring it in to the Library Computer Lab.
  • If your Chromebook needs repair, it will be checked in and you will be given another. You will not get the same Chromebook returned to you. Do not put stickers on the Chromebooks!