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Club Charter

BRIDGES is a nationally-recognized program with the mission of improving inter-group relations by partnering with schools and communities to create, advocate for, and sustain a safe, inclusive, and equitable school climate that respects society’s diversity.

The BRIDGES program has four overarching goals: creating safe and inclusive communities, developing diverse leaders, mediating conflict, and building understanding and respect.

Participants are empowered to identify, investigate, and address the human relations needs on their campus via trainings and dialogues. In addition, they will acquire the skills to learn from and work with a variety of individuals as they are exposed to different people, backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.
All students are welcome to participate in both our Task Force, which meets in room 286 on Thursdays at lunch, and in a leadership capacity on our leadership board, which meets after school on Thursdays.

Task Force

The Bridges Task Force is a group comprised of teachers, parents, students, and administrators that is established to be the core of the efforts on campus. The task force identifies needs and establishes short and long term goals and objectives to improve the human relations climate on campus.

Leadership Board

The BRIDGES Leadership Board meets every Thursday after school at 3:05 pm. The Leadership Board is open to ALL students, and is the driving force of the program.  The leaders plan all meetings, implement all projects, and oversee the day-to-day affairs of the program.  We hope to see you as one of our next leaders!

OC Human Relations

OC Human Relations is a nonprofit organization enabled by a unique public/private partnership between corporations, cities, foundations, the county, the schools, the courts, and individuals.  The mission of the BRIDGES program is to improve inter-group relations by partnering schools and communities to create, advocate, and sustain a safe, inclusive school climate that respects society’s diversity.  For more information visit OC Human Relations' website.

Attend the Annual In My Shoes Youth Conference

Each year for over twenty years, OC Human Relations has brought together schools from all over Orange County to attend a day long youth conference.  Participants explore issues of identity and culture, develop their leadership skills, and are exposed to examples of successful youth activism.  Our goal is to empower and mobilize students to work towards creating positive social change.

Students attend workshops, choosing from over 20 different thought provoking sessions related around human relations.  Youth and experienced human relations presenters share their insights, experiences, and expertise on subjects related to the theme.

Do You Want To Be A Leader In The Community?

Orange County Youth Organizers (OCYO) is an internship offered by OC Human Relations, and BRIDGES members are encouraged to join. OCYO are in charge of organizing events, such as the Walk in My Shoes Annual Youth Conference. OCYO members meet every month and discuss current human relation issues. There is also an opportunity to become a paid intern for OC Human Relations. 


Club Info

Club Advisor:  Mrs. Pogue


Meeting Day and Time:

Club Meetings – Thursdays at Lunch

Leadership Meetings – Thursdays After School

Meeting Location:  Room 286 (Sims Hall)

Remind Code: @nhhsbridge

Instagram: @NhhsBridges

Past Projects

  • Day of Silence
  • That’s WHACK Campaign
  • Anti-Bullying Freshman Advisory Presentations
  • Pledge to End Bullying Chain Link
  • Power of Words Month
  • If You Really Knew Me
  • One More Friend, One Less Bully Pledge Wall
  • Compliment Day
  • Sweet Thought Candy Grams
  • Anti-Bullying Writing and Art Contest
  • Peer Mediation
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Human Relation Retreats
  • Staff Appreciation Awards
  • Tear Down This Wall Campaign (Bringing UNITY to the Sailor COMMUNITY)
  • TDTW Writing and Art Contest
  • Mix it Up at Lunch: Speed Friendships
  • I Have a Dream Writing and Art Contest
  • One School, Different Mind Writing and Art Contest
  • There's More Than Meets the Eye Writing and Art Contest
  • Unity Poster Bomb