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ASB Members and Positions

Activities Director

Amanda Boyer

2022 - 2023 ASB Members

ASB members smiling together.

Executive Board
Maggie McWhertor
Vice President
Tegan Glenn
Melanie Gonzalez
Eric Saba
Class Presidents
Senior Class President
Dominic Bitteti
Junior Class President
Avery Wolfe
Sophomore Class President
Jack O’Brien
Class Vice Presidents
Senior Class Vice President
Rylin Sekis
Junior Class Vice President
Sammy Forbath
Sophomore Class Vice President
Sienna Moatazedi
Freshman Class Representatives
Freshman Class Commissioner
Finley Johnson
Freshman Class Representative
Matthew Swan
Activities Commissioners
Activities Commissioner
Shay Nussbaum
Tyler Pence
Athletics Commissioners
Fiona Gaffney
McKay Ketchum
A/V Technology Commissioners
Kyle McConnaughey
Alon Guez
Chance Boulding
Business & Brand Commissioner
Kimberly Sales
Lotte West
Communications Commissioners
Violette Ferguson
Gigi Rimlinger
Logan Hardy
Creative Design Commissioners
Kaitlin Tejeda
Olivia Nott
Leslie Escalante
Events Commissioner
Kate Cherry
Bridget Taketa
Hospitality Commissioners
Sadie Walshe
Shea Kozlowski
Kate Stake
Inclusion Commissioners
Colette Anderson
Jaqueline Xochipiltecatl
Inter-Club Council Commissioner
Aviv Golan
Rally Commissioners
Breckyn Burg
Caroline Close
School Board 
School Board Representative
Kate Cherry
Spirit Commissioners
Emma Garrido
Jack Baron
Ellie Robinson
Ben Glassen
Student Wellness Commissioner
Emma Schuemann
Brianna Garcia
VAPA/CTE Commissioner
Gabriella Earnhart

Large group smiling with the Newport Harbor High School behind them.

Interested in joining ASB? Look out for the application window, which normally opens up early Spring. 

You can also be a part of the action by joining your class council's monthly meetings to get involved with decision making at Newport Harbor High School!

Three girls dancing.