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What People Say About IB

“If it were not for the IB program, I believe I would not have been able to 1) make connections between areas of knowledge, 2) manage my time well, and 3) develop a desire to learn as much knowledge as humanly possible in university (at least at such a young age.) The experience of IB was admittedly difficult, but also phenomenal.”

Michael Gonzalez, NHHS IB 2012

“IB writing system prepared me extremely well for college level writing. The prompts in IB could be answered in many different ways, allowing a bit of imagination and personality in each assignment. …My TA [mentioned] that my writing was more advanced than other students and that my organizational skills as well as my ability to come up with premises was impressive.”

Skylar Jacobs, NHHS IB 2012

"The IB program brought together a diverse group of students from all over the high school campus. Two years later the students were just as diverse but also the best of friends. Today those first graduates are scattered all over the US at different college campuses but they are still reaching out and sharing their experiences with one another. I love this support system that they have created. It was an unexpected bonus, this bond that was forged through IB.“

Pam Edson, NHHS IB parent, 2012

“Overall just the amount of IB work, balancing different projects, and such made it really easy to handle college work. I felt really organized and like I had everything under control because I had had so much practice with juggling and prioritizing work in high school.

In my communication class we were supposed to do a research presentation and my teacher asked the class of about 35 students if anyone had done a research paper...two people, including myself, raised their hand. So I felt the extended essay was a huge learning opportunity for me and really prepared me for any paper that would be thrown at me, at least in my first year. Writing any type paper came really quickly and easily for me because of all the writing we had done in class and definitely cut down on homework time.”

Rachel Salas, NHHS IB 2012

"Ever since my daughter started her IB classes she has been excited to come home and talk about not only what she is learning, but how she is learning. Even I am learning from IB."

Jonathan Barney, NHHS IB parent, 2013

“Although it seemed a burden at the time, I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to take on a challenging research paper at such an early age. Not only was I able to apply these skills to college research papers, but I also am continuing the primary research that I conducted in high school in higher level neuroscience labs at Haverford.”

Jack Murrell, NHHS IB 2012