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Business Management Pathway

Pathway Description

Persons trained in fields of Business Management, international trade, and various financial services and specialties (e.g., accounting, banking, and investing) will find that their skills are highly marketable.  Students master basic business principles and procedures before proceeding to the career path specializations. The specializations emphasize concepts of accounting and finance, including computer applications, taxes, investments, and business managing. Since almost every business and organization has a financial and management component, students will find that opportunities exist in many career paths in addition to those in business and finance.

Topics of Study

  • Business Management Theories

  • Business Organization and Environment

  • Business Functions of Human Resource Management

  • Finance and Accounts

  • Marketing and Operations Management

  • Certifications: 

  • Financial Literacy

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Professional Communications

Pathway Sequence

  • 11th - IB Business Management HL1

  • 12th - IB Business Management HL2


CTE Pathway Flier (PDF)

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