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Sophomore English Classes

  • We offer three 10th-grade English courses:
  • Composition & Literature 2
  • AP Language and Composition
  • AP Literature and Composition

A description of each is available here: Sophomore English Options

Comp-Lit 1 students may choose any of the Sophomore English courses. Those who are ready for the challenge of a college-level course may elect either of the AP courses at the end of their freshman year.

Junior English Classes

We offer three 11th-grade English courses:

  • Composition & Literature 3
  • IB Literature
  • IB Language & Literature

 A description of each is available here: Junior English Options.

Students in Comp-Lit 2 who are ready for a more challenging course are welcome to take either of the IB English classes. There is no entrance essay, but students must express their interest to their current teacher by filling out the google form provided in class. 

Please note: IB courses are two-year classes. Those who are in IB Englihs as a junior will continue in the same course for their senior year.

Lexile Measure of Your Book

Measure the Lexile level of the book your reading.   

A rough indicator...   

9th grade: 850-1150    

10th: 900-1200

11 & 12th: 940-1210