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1:1 Career Junior Mentor Program

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Program Description

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” -  Benjamin Franklin -  

The 1:1 Junior Career Mentor Program Description 

The 1:1 Junior Career Mentor Program is unique to Newport Harbor High School. The program began 26 years ago as a component of the first small learning community on campus, the “Da Vinci Academy” and is funded by the Newport Harbor Educational Foundation. Over the years, the Mentor program has continued to grow. To apply, students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA. The strength of your application and availability of mentors within varying careers will help to determine who can be placed with a mentor. Participation and successful completion of the Mentor Program will qualify for use as the Experiential Learning Project (ELP) which is a graduation requirement.  

Our mentor family consists of approximately 250 caring and successful community professionals in a myriad of careers; physician, surgeon, law enforcement, engineering, business, finance, legal, culinary arts, music, theatre, nursing, firefighting, graphic arts, technology, construction, education, interior design, architecture, physical therapy, journalism, top executives, television; the list goes on.  Mentors provide career job shadowing so students can explore career options of their choice, first hand and also help to develop decision-making skills. With the current COVID-19 situation, on-site shadows may not be possible. Mentors are committed to using creative and alternative solutions to provide and exceptional level of learning. Students must be curious and ask plenty of questions!! The program gives our students a window to their future as well as a reality check on their dreams before they go on to make further educational choices.

Mentors become an adult listener outside of family and school who can empathize with students about being a teen in our complicated world. Mentor pairs often develop genuine friendships that last for many years. In some cases, students have received internships and job offers once they have graduated college.
Applications are available to students for entry into the program. Students will also submit their personal resume and thoughtfully answer essay questions designed to help them determine their top three career interests along with insight into their personal interests and hobbies.

The Mentor Program runs through spring of the junior year.  Students and their mentor will meet 5 meetings over a period of several months. Students will turn in meeting reports along with a final a reflection paper.  Students must be committed, independent, self-reliant, and able to schedule and attend meetings as well as arrange transportation. This program requires the support of a parent/guardian, and a Mentor Coordinator is provided to guide the student and facilitate the process. 

All NHHS mentors go through a thorough mentor clearance that includes Department of Justice background check, Live Scan fingerprinting, as well as TB testing and must be the same gender as the student. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, students and mentors agree to using CDC safety guideline measures. The majority of our mentors have been with the program for many years. We work diligently to match students and mentors both in terms of career and other interests to help guarantee a successful year for both. If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please contact

What Our Community Says:

"I have huge hopes for tomorrow when given the chance to meet with such awesome "kids". I forget how much a person changes in high school. I'm happy to be a part of this program"
Mentor - Pete Swift

"Dr. Gordon - I hope all is well! I wanted to share with you the good news that I matched into an orthopedic hand surgery fellowship position at Mayo Clinic this week. I still credit those early days in your OR as the first steps towards this last chapter in my training. Thanks, again!"
Dr. Sean Cantwell (former mentee)

"THANK YOU for the wonderful experience my son had in the Mentor Program. Nicholas was paired with Dr. Reinkensmeyer at UCI.  He enjoyed job shadowing on campus, attending lectures and labs, and he especially connected with his mentor during their social outing. Dr. Reinkensmeyer graciously invited Nicholas to attend 2 lectures on campus this summer and today Nicholas is attending a lab where grad students are testing something for stroke patients. I keep thinking ... where else on Earth would my son be getting this kind of opportunity in high school?!? I'm feeling incredibly blessed and grateful. Thank you for running the Mentor Program where students are given the priceless opportunity to meet, interact, and connect with these professionals who, in many cases, influence their life path!"
Sharron Carey  NHHS Parent

"Many thanks for spearheading this program.  Our son Nash was in it last year and it was an amazing experience.  He was mentored by the CEO of Armada Skis.  That company has since moved to Park City.  As a result, Nash is going to the University of Utah in pursuit of a business degree and will be working at Armada while in school.  He hopes to pursue a career in the action sports industry."
Steve Mader NHHS Parent

If you have questions contact Nicole Mack at

Funding provided by donations to the Newport Harbor Educational Foundation

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Applications for the 2023-2024 school year are now closed. Stay tuned for upcoming details regarding the 2023-2024 Junior Mentor Program.

2023-2024 Mentor Program Report Deadlines:

  • Interview Report - TBD
  • Shadow Report (#1) - TBD
  • Social Meeting (#1) - TBD
  • Shadow Report (#2) - TBD
  • Social Meeting (#2) - TBD

*All assignments are submitted on Schoology