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General Information

Library Info

Hours – Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. including before school, break, lunch and after school. Pass or ID required during class time.

Library Card – Your Student ID Card is also your Library Card.

Library Book Check Out – Books are checked out for a 30 day period. Students may check out 5 books at a time.  Books may be renewed for a two-week period.

Textbooks – Students must check out and return all textbooks through the library.

Lost Books – Students are responsible for the replacement costs of lost library and text books. Students will not be able to attend Winter Formal or Prom or receive a yearbook if they have overdue/unpaid books. Seniors will not receive their caps and gowns or be able to participate in the graduation ceremony with overdue/unpaid books.

Computer Use – There are 68 computers for student use in the Library Media Center. Games, chat rooms and inappropriate websites are not allowed on these computers. Any student caught breaking these rules will be assigned lunch detention. Students who continually break computer rules will no longer be allowed in the library unless they are accompanied by their teacher and class. Students must use their Student ID and password to log on to the computers.

The Use of the Library Media Center is a privilege. Students must be respectful of others and library property at all times.

No food, drinks (including water), or gum is allowed in the library at any time.