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Raise.Me - Micro-Scholarships

I know that many of you have concerns about how to make a college education more affordable. Through a new, free program called RaiseMe, students can guarantee scholarships from 250+ colleges as early as 9th grade, making it easier to plan financially for school. RaiseMe has proven to be a great tool to motivate students in high schools throughout the U.S. Newport Harbor HS is among the first in the country to take advantage of this opportunity, which was launched with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and U.S. colleges. Here are a couple of easy ways to support your students in using this unique tool:

  • Ensure that you create an account at
  • Regularly add good grades, community service, extracurricular activities, and other achievements to your RaiseMe Portfolio to earn micro-scholarships from colleges.

For more information, please visit the Raise.Me website.

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarships


Each year the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) awards scholarships to students showing dedication to the pursuit of higher education in diverse areas of study including history, economics, law, political science, medicine, nursing, occupational and physical therapy, elementary and secondary education, chemistry, math, science, and English. 

DARS scholarships are awarded and judged without regard to gender, race, color, religion, national origin, or disability.

For more details on the twenty-six different scholarships, please visit the NSDAR Scholarships website

Julie Inman Courage Award


This award, to be used to further educational or vocational goals, is given to a student who shows courage by going forward in the face of adversity and/or life-changing or extraordinary obstacle. It recognizes courage and determination over physical and/or learning disabilities, illness of self or family member, the death of a loved one and unusually difficult circumstances at home. Please write an essay of 1500 words or less, describing your courageous situation being specific and giving details pertaining to your own story. You may nominate yourself or be nominated by a peer/parent.

Click here to download the Julie Inman Courage Award application. 

Isidore and Penny Myers Memorial Scholarship


The Myers Memorial Scholarship provides $12,500 per year for four years ($50,000, 4-year total) to students attending an accredited four-year university or college. Applicants must already be accepted or pending acceptance. Scholarship recipients alternate between female and male students every year. On odd class years the scholarship will be awarded to a female; on even years to a male. The scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to high achieving, academically gifted high school seniors of outstanding personal character who are themselves immigrants or the children of immigrants to the United States.


  • Be either an immigrant to the United States or the child of parents who are immigrants. Documented immigration status is not a criterion.  
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.
  • Must be a high school senior enrolled in the Newport Mesa Unified School District.
  • Student must be admitted or pending admission to an accredited four-year college or university located in the United States.
  • Demonstrate superior character, personal achievement, academic excellence and involvement, participation in community service a drive to attain continued higher education and compelling financial need

For more details and to apply, please click here to download the guidelines and application. 

**Please note - this scholarship is not turned in to NHHS. It is to be delivered (by mail or in person) to Save Our Youth. Details in the application. 

The PB&J Scholarship


Traven Watase started the first PB&J Scholarship back in 2013 when he graduated Governor Wallace Rider Farrington High School. Traven was not a good student when he was in High School and did not have strong family support from his parents. In which he moved from Roosevelt High School (Honolulu, HI) to Kauai High School (Lihue, HI) and finally graduated from Governor Wallace Rider Farrington High School (Honolulu, HI). What he realized is that kids who do not have proper guidance/encountered an unusual challenge, are at a significant disadvantage that not a lot of scholarships recognize. Most scholarships you see are merit-based, financial need, or ethnicity. But students who encountered challenges in their lives may not be able to achieve merit-based benchmarks, might be in the middle ground of financial need, and not qualify for ethnicity-based scholarships. So because of this Traven decided to eat PB&J Sandwiches to save money on his budget so that he could pay forward a scholarship while he was in his first year of college himself. Traven did not start the scholarship because he had a lot of money, but he was willing to sacrifice a little and give what he could to help out someone going through similar challenges that he went through.

For details and to apply, please visit the PB&J Scholarship website. 

The 2021 El Dabe Ritter Scholarship


At El Dabe Law, we passionately believe in and support the importance of a proper education. Without an education, many doors will remain closed. Going to school is an uphill battle - and if you don't have the proper aid in place - you may end up never going to school. We make this easier for you, by offering our $1,500 scholarship. This scholarship is our way of providing support to those who want a higher education.


  • Applicants should be enrolled in an accredited university, in the USA
  • Applicants must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  • All applications should be submitted no later than June 30, 20201
  • This scholarship will be awarded in the 20201 Fall Semester
  • There is no application fee

For more details and to apply, please visit the El Dabe Ritter Law Scholarship website

The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone Scholarship


We are pleased to announce The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $1000. In order to apply for this scholarship, we request you write a 500+ word essay on why having a higher education is important. We’d like to learn more about you as a student, and how you’ve persevered and fought to get the education you want. Tell us about one challenge, and how it has prepared you for the challenges you face as a student.


  • Applicants should be enrolled in an accredited university, in the U.S.A.
  • Applicants must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  • All applications should be submitted no later than July 31th, 2021
  • This scholarship will be awarded in the 2021 Fall Semester

For more details and to apply, please visit the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone Scholarship website