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2020-2021 Principal Message

We are in the middle of facing a myriad of defining moments, as three different challenges confront us simultaneously: COVID continues to spread through Orange County, a protest movement across America compels us to examine our history and evaluate our current society, and uncertainty surrounds our economic recovery. Now more than ever, we must work together to usher the youth of our community through it all. Now more than ever, we must listen and learn, we must remember our common ground, we must recognize the shared humanity of our neighbors locally, our fellow Americans, and the 7.5 billion people in other places around the world.

Please know that we are on this journey together, that getting to this point has been tedious (at best), that all of us want a return to normalcy. We simply are not there, yet. We have the will, we have the capacity, and we have a plan to get to June. Our students and staff are at the forefront of every decision, safety is a priority, and the overarching goal is to host in-person instruction during the 2020-21 school year. Variables will change from one day to the next, and we will respond accordingly. Please keep reading the updates and communicating with us as we progress through Level 3 to Level 1.

A special note to our seniors: We know that this is a big year for you. First, we assure you that we will support you as you plan for life after high school. We will do all we can to communicate regarding transcripts, college applications, AP/IB exams, etc.—and to answer all questions that come up. I am personally drafting a letter that describes the changes in schedules, learning environment, grading policies, and other school dynamics since March 13, 2020. Please attach this letter from me to your school profile when you submit your applications. More importantly, every teacher, counselor, staff member, and administrator knows that the many rewards of your senior year are in jeopardy. We will not forget you. We will work together—teachers and staff, parents and students—to keep as many of the traditions of senior year alive as possible, to improve those that we can, and to invent new ones whenever necessary to commemorate the extraordinary moment.


There is no perfect solution to what we currently face. But together, as Sailors, we will get through this. Stay strong. Stay safe. Help others. Stay connected.

Go Sailors!

Sean Boulton, Principal

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