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Dance Team 2023-2024
Posted 5/25/23

Dance Team 2023-2024

Thank you all for your effort and hard work. The Dance 3 Audition will take place on May 31st and the Dance 2 Audition will take place on June 1st.


Varsity Dance Team

Brooke Allen

Ava Barton

Olive Bouman

Sienna D’Alessio

Charlie Geary

Chandler Green

Elle Lowell

Rylee Lyng

Sienna Moatazedi

Hailey Peykoff

Rylee Reno

Brianna Rodriguez

Sienna Stanley

Ava White


JV Dance Team 

Katelyn Barmettler

Mary Fernandez

Brooke Leonard

Danika Look

Bella Sitzman

Chloe Sun

Olivia Winberry