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The Newport Newport Harbor Athletic Foundation seeks to:

1. Pay for and provide athletic conditioning, which involves structured training programs designed to enhance physical performance, offers a wide range of benefits for athletes across various sports and fitness levels. These benefits contribute not only to improved athletic performance but also to overall health and well-being. Professional training has vast benefits from injury prevention to sport-specific skills improvement.

 Athletic conditioning can target specific skills required for a particular sport, such as balance, hand-eye coordination, or shooting accuracy. This enhances an athlete's overall performance and skill set.

Further, within the conditioning time and commitment, team cohesion and camaraderie significantly increases. Group conditioning sessions foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among athletes. The shared effort and support during training can strengthen team cohesion and communication.


2. Further support the Newport Orthopedic Institute (NOI) Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) program. Although Newport-Mesa Unified School District generously supports a fulltime  Newport Orthopedic Institute (NOI) Certified Athletic Trainer on our campus, the Newport Harbor Athletic Foundation provides funding for Newport Orthopedic Athletic Trainer, Heather Martin, during her work at the NHHS Athletics summer sports camps on campus. Further, NHAF funds overtime pay for extra athletic trainers during the school year when we have multiple athletic contests on campus that necessitate coverage by Newport Orthopedic.  

ATCs provide immediate medical care in case of injuries or emergencies as our ATC is the first responder on the scene. Heather Marting provides immediate medical care, administers first aid, and stabilizes injured athletes while awaiting further medical attention. NOI ATC's also provide:

  1. Injury Assessment and Diagnosis: Certified athletic trainers are skilled in assessing and diagnosing injuries. They can quickly evaluate the severity of an injury and determine whether an athlete can safely continue to play or needs further medical attention.

2. Rehabilitation and Recovery: ATCs develop and oversee rehabilitation programs to help athletes recover from injuries and surgeries. They guide athletes through exercises, stretches, and therapies to restore strength, flexibility, and function.

3. Return-to-Play Decisions: Certified athletic trainers play a critical role in determining when an athlete is ready to return to play after an injury. Their expertise helps ensure that athletes resume physical activity safely and avoid re-injury.

4. Education and Health Promotion: ATCs educate athletes, coaches, and parents about injury prevention, nutrition, hydration, and overall health and wellness. They promote healthy lifestyles and empower athletes to make informed decisions.

5. Concussion Management: ATCs are trained to recognize and manage concussions, a common injury in contact sports. They conduct baseline testing, monitor symptoms, and guide athletes through the gradual return-to-play process after a concussion.

6. Mental Health Support: ATCs often develop strong relationships with athletes, making them well-positioned to recognize signs of mental health issues. They can provide initial support and refer athletes to appropriate resources for mental health care.


Disclaimer: This webpage is operated and maintained by volunteers of the Athletic Foundation.  All information and postings associated with this page and any links are at the sole discretion of the Athletic Foundation and not endorsed by the Newport-Mesa Unified School District.