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PHONE: 949-515-6308

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Newport Harbor High School Athletics

EST. 1930

42 CIF Championship Titles

10 State Championship Titles

Go Sailors! 

Athletics REopening updates


Newport Harbor Sport Fans,

Today we received an update from our CIF commissioner.  I have attached his message for your viewing. Currently we are still facing a surge in Covid-19 cases, state-wide restrictions on youth sports and stay at home orders, adhering to school district/ board policy protocols, as well as facing time restraints to provide the amounts of competitions we accustomed to from past years.

It is important to remember that the safety and well-being of our student-athletes, coaches and families in our community is paramount in our decision making.  As much as we are all eager to begin competitions we need to be sure to continue to implement our safety protocols. 

It is important to note that there are two seasons of sport this year.  They are the Fall and Spring seasons.  The Winter sports season has been infused into Fall and Spring and all sports are in the process of being re- scheduled.  As noted in the Commissioner's letter because of time restraints, CIF section and state championships will not be part of the schedule for this year for fall sports.  We are remaining cautiously, optimistic that all sports will have an opportunity to compete. 

Currently our Athletic Department  is working with other league representatives in re-scheduling competitions, referees, transportation and field space.  This can be a difficult task but we will meet the challenge. As more information is available you will receive communication from both our athletic administration and your individual team coaches.


Stay positive, stay safe!

Rick Pembrook
Newport Harbor High School 


Newport Harbor High school athletic department is happy to announce that athletic clearances can now be completed online.

We have uploaded all of our clearance forms to  the athletic clearance website. This will allow our athletes to do their clearance paperwork from home. Every form can be filled out online and your sports coach will have access to the forms. This will cut down paperwork and allow the coach instant access to their athletes to see where they are in the clearance process. An athlete must be cleared before participating in any sport. Please find instructions and information for athletic clearance linked below.

Thank you for helping us join the future by going digital. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the athletic office at (949)515-6308.


Download the clearance forms here:

Athletic Clearance Instructions/Forms

Register for athletic clearance here:

Athletic Clearance Website

Practice Locations and Dates


There will be occasions when our student/athletes will practice off site at nearby athletic venues.  Some practices may also fall outside their period 7/8 time frames.  Please refer to our school website, click on programs, then athletics where you will find pertinent information on the athletic home page under the link Practice Locations and Times.   Please note that these may change throughout the year.


Existirán ocasiones en las que nuestros estudiantes/atletas practicarán en campos deportivos fuera de la escuela.  Es posible que algunas de estas prácticas se lleven a cabo fuera del periodo de tiempo de la clases 7/8.  Si desea información del horario y el lugar de las prácticas, por favor visite la página Web de la escuela:  Es posible que haya cambios a través del año escolar.

Sports Teams Practice Locations

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District Participation Policy

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Robert Torribio

Basketball: Girls

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Cross Country: Boys

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Cross Country: Girls

Eric Tweit

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Amanda Boyer


Peter Lofthouse 

Golf: Boys & Girls

Scott Tarnow

Lacrosse: Boys

David Todd

Lacrosse: Girls

Brooke Martini

Sailing: Nate Dunham

Soccer: Boys

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Soccer: Girls

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Ross Sinclair

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Ross Sinclair

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Volleyball: Girls

Dan Glenn

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Ross Sinclair

Water Polo: Girls

Ross Sinclair


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