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PTA Guest Speakers

Thanks to some of our past speakers, we will be updating this shortly...

Wednesday, September 18th 2019

Do Good! Be part of the NHHS Parent Community. Join us for our 1st meeting of the year.  Meet admin & other parents, coffee & doughnuts. We have answers! Ask about classes, sports, programs, campus security & more. It will be a fun casual meet and greet meeting!  Please join us! 

Wednesday, October 16th 2019


Scott Springborn, Founder of Raising Better Teens, Inc.

Scott Springborn is a father of 3 teenage kids. With a passion for teaching and coaching, he wanted to find ways to connect better with his own kids. Scott discovered that emails were a way to open lines of communication and provide guidance to his kids. The result has been a fascinating insight into his own children. It gets them to open up about their thoughts, goals, and struggles. This, in turn, leads to deeper conversations and opportunities to guide them when needed.  Scott has a master’s degree in Cross-Cultural Education. He spent 9 years as a junior high science teacher and coach and is currently a mortgage lender for his day job. 

Raising Better Teens –

We developed a series of email conversation starters that build confidence and collaboration between you and your teenager.  This leads to a better understanding of each other and open communication. The emails include a prompt for your teen to respond to and become a private journal between you and your children.  As the conversations build upon each other, you and your teenager will see your relationship grow. 

The goal of this program is to create a better future for all of us. Parents who communicate better with their teenagers will be able to guide their kids through their struggles, avoid large problems before they happen, and provide a roadmap for their kids to successful adult life.


Our Mission:

  • Boost communication between parents and their teenagers.
  • Guide teens on goal setting, mindset, character, and relationships.
  • Ask insightful questions to get teens to open up about their experiences.
  • Grow relationships to help this generation of teens reach amazing achievements and tighter bonds.



Wednesday, November 20th 2019

Jennifer Smith, LMFT is a local therapist, and mom of two NHHS students.

She has been licensed for over 20 years and specializes in working with teens and families.

Jennifer will be speaking at the next PTA meeting about the common stressors our teens face, 

and will share 5 tips on how to help manage this stress in a healthy and effective way!