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World Languages Faculty
Planinka Albitar Teacher
Profe. Alcázar Spanish Teacher
Alma Di Giorgio ex: 3021 Spanish Teacher
Belen Pitones (949) 515-6300 ex: 3019 Spanish Teacher
Renzzo Reyes (949) 515-6300 ex: 4504 Spanish Teacher
Cecilia SilvaSantisteban Teacher
Melissa Taravella ex: 3015 Language Teacher
Julie Wodark Teacher

¡Bienvenidos a Español!

Hola, soy el Sr. Reyes...
An account of my life

My story is one that has remained with me since I first left my home in Perú. I was 17 years old when my father requested that I come to live with him in the United States. Although there was a sense of excitement I remember the sadness that existed in me ever since I first heard I would be leaving. It was not luxuries I would miss, for we certainly had none, it was my youth, my sense of identity. So it was, a bittersweet realization that held no promises, only hope.

The hardships and despair became clear from the moment I left. Although it remained difficult in Peru, leaving all I ever knew and being completely alone only hastened my awareness of what sacrifice really was. I traveled through countries and villages for months, often with no food and very little water.  Each village, each country offered me little reprieve. The tropical areas filled with jungle terrain were the least forgiving. I watched many fall victims to illness and on rare occasions pass away due to the harsh elements. The days began to blend together and months passed before I reached the United States. The time seemed to only serve as a reminder of what I once was, as if each minute shed a layer of innocence. I held onto the hope of being with my father, re-discovering a man I hardly knew.

By the time I was able to see my father I had left behind my childhood naivety and replaced it with uncertainty. My initial few years were spent working several jobs and studying English. As my language skills were developing I became increasingly determined to construct my path and create purpose within my struggle. I enrolled in college and eventually graduated from California State University, Fullerton. I knew I had a higher purpose, one with meaning and fulfillment. I knew I needed to continue my struggle in order to find a better self.

It was not long before I realized that teaching provided me with a comfort, a sense of meaning and purpose that for many years seemed abandoned. I continued to pursue my education and graduated from Chapman University with a Master’s Degree in Bilingual Teaching. My love and passion for knowledge has remained a source of hope and purpose in my life, it has become a quiet awareness of who I am and wish to become. It is my desire to continue moving forward with my education; I truly believe this will not only provide me with knowledge but it will in turn allow me to instill hope and inspiration in all my students through teaching.