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AP Language Sign Up

AP Language and Composition (English) is a great opportunity for current freshmen or juniors to take a higher-level English class.  Interested students will need to complete both the entrance essay (click on link below) and the summer assignment (given at end of the year)


9th grade AP Lang Entrance Essay (Word format)


Benefits of being in AP Language and Composition:

  • SAT preparation: same format and writing style
  • grade bump (A = 5.0 grade points, B = 4)
  • college credit if you pass the AP test

IB English for our current sophomores

Students in regular sophomore English (CL2) who are ready for more challenge are welcome to take either of these college-level classes IF they complete the entrance essay.  Click here for more information on the IB English Entrance Essay.

Summer reading!

Enjoy your summer!  We hope you have lots of time to relax with a good book or two (or six...)!

2018 summer reading assignments

Writing Contests for Extra Credit

Let your writing soar!  Enter a contest and earn extra credit.   See your teacher for details.

  1. Newport Beach Public Library Foundation Creative Writing contest   DUE SEPTEMBER 5th!
  2. John Steinbeck Short Story contest   DUE 11/1/16
  3. Reed Magazine has additional contests for Creative Writing, Poetry, as well as non-fiction  Most DUE 11/1/16

Lexile Measure of Your Book

Measure the Lexile level of the book your reading.   

A rough indicator...   

9th grade: 850-1150    

10th: 900-1200

11 & 12th: 940-1210