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2018-2019 Administration Team



L to R: Front Row: Jeff Ledon (ASB), Jerry Murray (Athletic Director), and Sean Boulton (Principal)   

L to R: Back Row: Amanda Boyer (ASB), Rick Pembrook (Assistant Principal), Jennifer Hays (Assistant Principal), and Jack Cusick (Assistant Principal) 

Administrator Pages

Newport Harbor Zone 2017-2018

Newport Harbor Zone Meeting

From left to right: Principal Whittier Elementary, Scott Wilcox; Principal Woodland Elementary, Tiffany Lewis; Assistant Principal Newport Heights and Whittier Elementary, Terri Clarke; Principal Mariners Elementary, Matt Broesamle; Principal Newport Elementary, Amanda Estrada; Principal Ensign Intermediate School, Mike Sciacca; Assistant Principal Ensign Intermediate School, Heidi McDowell; Principal Newport Heights Elementary, Somer Harding; Principal Newport Harbor High School, Sean Boulton; Principal Kaiser Elementary, Debbie Granger; Assistant Principal Kaiser and Mariners Elementary, Kristin DeMicco.