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Audience: Activities & ASB

Holiday Week

12-11 through 12-15

Posted by: Blake Ludes
Published: 12/11/17

Audience: Activities & ASB
Posted by: Blake Ludes
Published: 11/27/17

Audience: Activities & ASB

2017 - 2018 Newport Harbor High School Clubs




CLUB                            President        E-mail                        Advisor


5 Branches                        Nick Vasi         nick_vasi@yahoo.com            Vantborebeke   

Make and send care packages to military.


Academic Integrity Club                Tyler Lowell         tylerylowell@gmail.com            Albitar

Promotes academic honesty on campus and in life.


Bridges                         Andy Myers         ahmyers10@gmail.com            Pogue

Improving inter-group relations in the community.


Beacon                         Jordan Golden    jgoldem013@gmail.com            Johnson

Organised online school newspaper.


Becketts Buddies                     Blake Ludes        blakeludes@icloud.com            Dominguez

Raise awareness for cystic fibrosis.


Club True                         Jade Mendoza    mendozarjade@gmail.com            Ledon

Organize supply/food drives.


Conservation Club                     Solange Pinon        solangepinon1@gmail.com            Barneby

Preserve wildlife.


City Impact                        Chloe Bagiu        chloebagiu@gmail.com            Condstandse

Fundraising for homeless district of San Francisco


Change for Children                     Claire Leiby         clairedanceleiby@gmail.com             Bulone

Working with orangewood childrens homes


CSF                            Julia Gregory        itsmejuliag@gmnail.com                   Nguyen   

Seeks to recognize CA students who have high standards in academics and volunteer


Community Care Club                Grace O’neil        gracekoneil@gmail.com                   Woodark

Fun way to go help the girls have fun and get community service


Corazon de Vida                    Niki Lindh        nicole.lindh@gmail.com                     Pitones

Help orphans down in Mexico


Dank Memes                        Alex Vujnovich        alexmvug@gmail.com             Gaylord

Spread internet trend of memes


Disaster Relief                     Grace Fay        grace112fay@aol.com                   Constandse

Helping cities who have gone through natural disasters


Eighties Club                         Sophia Longabardi     longabardi@att.net                          Mckeon

Focusing on the 80’s


Every Life Matters                    Natasha Dymek    natashadymek@yahoo.com            Lynch

To spread awareness to suicide and show ways to help and find those who need help.


Engineering Club                     Spiro Stameson     thespil23@gmail.com               Dominguez

Robotics design and programming- spreading STEM


FCCLA                         Annie Roberts     annieroberts@gmaoil.com                Pitones

Family career community leaders of America


Free Diving Club                     Nicholas Gazdak     nickgazdak@gmail.com                Johnston

Freediving ability to hold there breath instead of using scuba gear


Friday Night Club                     Andy Myers         ahmyers10@gmail.com                  Silva

Autistic teenagers and teenage volunteers spend time together

Friendship Bracelet Club                Cole McCunniff     colemccuniffzool@gmail.com             Sisson

Making friendship bracelets for sick or injured children at choc


FCA                             Kat Smith         katjsmith12@gmail.com                 Kirby

Huddles with guest speakers and do community service projects and devotions


Feminist Club                        Soleil Easton        soleileaston1one@gmail.com            Ciok

Spreading feminism


Girl Up                         Hallie Peplow         halliepeplow@gmail.com                  Caulfield   

Empowering young girls


GSA                             Lauren Babin        laurenjbabin@gmail.com                  Naasz

Education people in the LGBTQT


HALO                            Lyndsie Kaufman    lyndseynk@gmail.com                     Tanzes    

Raises awareness to people about autism


Harbor Libertarian Club                Nicola Sassone    nicola.sassone@yahoo.com            Govaars

Discuss currwent events in the political sphere.


Home Aid                        Audrey Schrock    audrey.schrock@yahoo.com             Kolber

Helps homeless find shelter


Hope at Harbor                    Kaela Whelan        kaelapwhelan@gmail.com                  Kolber

Help homeless youth


Homeless Not Hopeless                Emma Botros        emmabotros@yahoo.com                 Hoist      

Help homeless in orange County

IF Club                            Mia Lucore        mialilana@gmail.com                Karjala

Outreach to the homeless youth of Orange County.


Just Serve                        Rachel Dangl        rachelina228@gmail.com             Fisher

Help students participate in community service.   


Key Club                        Taylor Howard        taylorrmmhh@gmail.com            Goodman

Volunteer opputunites while teaching leadership skills.                                       


Love Lots                        Elise Skytte        eliseskytte@gmail.com            Dominguez

Feeding the homeless with the Crossing Church.


Latinos Unidos                    Stephanie Ramirez    steph.ram367@gmail.com            Digiorgio

Empowering Latinos academically and personally.


Latin Club                        Cole Schmitt        nhhslatinclub.com                J. Robinson

Celebrate Roman culture.


Lego Club                        Chrisitan Yassa    cyassa123@gmail.com            Smith

Build Legos.


Make-a-Wish                        Miranda McCormick    mccormick.mir99@gmail.com        Naaz

Fundraise money to grant wishes for children.


Math Club                        Mia Matsunami    miamatsunami@icloud.com            Dominguez

Math tutors who help out for community service.


Model UN                        Braydon Butler    giantsfd2@gmail.com                Thompson

Politcal and Current events that encourage debate.   


Mock Trial                        Delaney Patterson    delaney1p00@gmail.com            J. Robinson

Learning the basics of court.


Newport Angling Club                    Jack Rogers        jacktrogers47@gmail.com            Kolber

Enjoy Angling.


NHS                            Ben Buran        ben.buran@gmail.com            Blackledge

Organize and execute service projects.


NHHS Field Studies                    Cole Schmitt        coleschmitt90@gmail.com            Johnston

Traveling and hiking in the wilderness.


NEGU                            Makenzie Trigo    makenzie_trigo@yahoo.com             Gaylord

Spread Happiness to children fighting cancer.


Operation Smile                    Sara Robinson    sararobinson204@icloud.com    



Orange Wood                        Blair Cunninghamn    blairlc18@gmail.com       



Otaku Alliance                     Camber Calderwood    moonbeam1367@gmail.com            Jara

Unleash your inner geek.


Project Sunshine                    Emily Johnson        emjohnson2000@gmail.com            Kumar

Charity that raises money for kids in hospitals.


Paws 4 Cause                        Sammy Kerrigan    sammykerrigan44@gmail.com        Becker

Dog walkings for animal shelters.


Raspberry Pi                        Osualdo Martinez    ozzyxd14@outlook.com            Bulone

Interest of basic coding.

R.E.A.C.H                        Osualdo Martinez    ozzyxd14@outlook.com            Newman

Motivating students to engage in the community.


Roller Skating Club                    Anna Grozdanov    annasongbird257@gmail.com        Henthorh

Enjoy roller skating.


Relay for Life - NH                    Cade Parks        cadetparks@gmail.com             Taravella

Discussing ways to raise money for cancer research.


Rock Climbing Club                    Will Vandervort    nhhsrockclimb@gmail.com            McClanahan

Enjoy rockclimbing.


Spikeball Club                        Brady Scanlan        bpscanman@yahoo.com            Constandse

Enjoy Spikeball.


The Boys and Girls Club                Faith Wolfe        faith_12@icloud.com                Karjala

Volunteering at the Boys and Girls club.

Thespian Society                     Gavin Lattimer        gavin.r.lattimer@gmail.com            Daquino

Promote school theater.


The Teen Project                     Rachel Lemmon    rachelalemmon@gmail.com            Kumar

Help kids aging out of foster care.


Ultimate Frisbee club                    Ben Buran        boneyshlooper@yahoo.com            Chalmers

Play and enjoy ultimate frisbee.


Witch Club                        Shannon white    shannonw787@gmail.com            Corbett

Study witchcraft, crystals, and tarot cards.


WE Club                        Ben Kwong        benkwong72@gmail.com            Zeddies

Promote positive change globally and locally


Youth & Government                    Ben Zehnder        benzen9@gmail.com                Pitones

Student government Program with 3 delegations.


Young Democrats                     Rafael Torres        rafaelariastorres3@gmail.com        Newman

Discuss current events in the political sphere.


Young Republicans                    Wes Lachman        wes.lachman@gmail.com            Kirby

Discuss current events in the political sphere.


Youth Voting Involvement Association        Matthew Eimers    matteimers1@gmail.com            G. Robinson

Bring awareness to the importance of voting.

Posted by: Blake Ludes
Published: 11/27/17

Audience: Activities & ASB

12-11 through 12-15



Posted by: Blake Ludes
Published: 11/14/17

Audience: Activities & ASB and ASB

HOMECOMING: October 21, at 8 pm at the AV Club in Irvine


Tickets on sale now, this week 55 with ASB card, 60 without


Spirit Week: October 16-20


Monday: PJ's

Tuesday: Western

Wednesday: Wonky

Thursday: Twin

Friday: Wear anything blue



Posted by: Blake Ludes
Published: 10/11/17