Mrs. McKeon

Subtractive Sculpture with Floral Foam

     Students were each given a 4" x 8" block of floral foam and introduced to the subtractive sculpture technique as well as contemporary artists, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. The objective was to create a monochromatic, 3-dimensional abstract sculpture which, through its form and its positive and negative shapes, created movement and visual balance.

     Upon completion students were to select the sculpture of a classmate, produce a quality rendering of their sculpture accompanied by an imaginative narrative about how the sculpture came to be (who created it and why) and where it is permanently displayed.

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Hollowed Book Assignment

Hollow out a section of a book to create a hidden storage area.  Create design within hollowed area to support a narrative.  Write a narrative that describes your piece that includes a main character, at least one supporting character, a conflict and a resolution.

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Mrs. McKeon Locker

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Mrs. McKeon @ Harbor, 1999-present

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Mrs. McKeon, senior year, 1987

Mrs. McKeon, senior year, 1987

I have been Visual Arts at Newport Harbor since 1998 and I have always loved my job. I love the creative atomosphere of an art classroom and being able to encourage students to recognize their creativity. My goal is to teach my students not only technical skills (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.) design vocabulary and art history, but how to have personal meaning in their own artwork.