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The Foundation adds “C.L.A.S.S.” and provides all 2,400 students with:


Computers & technology- that challenge teachers, engage students and keep parents informed (Weekly Bulletin).

Learning assistance- supplemental tutoring raises the achievements of all students.

Academic enhancement- professional development, AP classes and the IB program keep students and faculty challenged.

Safe school environment-an athletic trainer, nurse’s aide and voluntary drug testing program keep students safe and healthy.

Success after high school- the Mentor program, college counseling and culinary arts curriculum all promote success after NHHS.




The Newport Harbor Educational Foundation was founded in August 1995 by Newport Harbor High School Navigators, a fathers’ group dedicated to improving the quality of education at Newport Harbor High School. The foundation’s original five directors were Tim Hogan, Tom Hogan, John Polovina, Rick Robinson and Bob Steel.

With tremendous generosity from donors, alumni and the community, the Newport Harbor Educational Foundation continues to serve its mission.


Vision and Mission-to promote the daily vision and mission of Newport Harbor High School.


Vision Statement (Long-term goal of Newport Harbor High School):


Founded in 1930, fostered through a process of shared decision-making, the faculty and staff at Newport Harbor High School work closely to create a dynamic and challenging school environment.


Mission Statement (Short-term, daily goals at Newport Harbor High School):


We believe all students will become productive and successful members of our global society by challenging each student to his or her academic and personal potential.





Since 1995 the Newport Harbor Educational Foundation has raised over $10,000,000 for Newport Harbor High School.



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